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Anvisa's Registration and Licences

Regulatory Matters


Clipper has over 30 years of experience in the segment of goods that require ANVISA's approval, providing clients with absolute advice on import sanitary legislation and legal matters. We work in defence of our clients, guaranteeing personalized service aiming cost reductions and deadlines.

ANVISA Advisory and Consultancy

With a constantly trained team, and with individualized cells of service by segments, according to the procedures established by RDC 81/08, our clients would be aligned with the employees for the specific demands.
We efficiently plan the best cost vs benefit for importation of goods that require ANVISA's approval, presenting factors that contribute to avoid risks, such as infractions and delays.
We offer through our consultants ways to challenge sanitary infractions, whether related to importation or legal matters.

Import License

We provide the procedures needed for the process to occur within the norms and requirements established by Anvisa regarding sanitary legislation:

Procedures 1 and 1A: Products subject to the special control, listed in Annex I, List A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 and D1 of Administrative Rule no. 344 of May 12, 1998. Partnership with professionals of high knowledge, to obtain boarding authorization from ANVISA in Brasília.
Procedure 2, 2A, 2B and 2C Blood products, Serums, Vaccines and Biological Products.
Procedure 3: Products subject to special control, listed in Annex I, Schedule C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 of Administrative Rule no. 344 of May 12, 1998. Partnership with professionals of high knowledge, to obtain boarding authorization from ANVISA in Brasília.
Procedure 4: Health Products - Correlate. Excellent relations with the stations of ANVISA, Congonhas, Guarulhos and Campinas. We seek to anticipate all the documentation in the VICOMEX system, leaving only the payment of TVFS / GRU / GVS for the moment of berthing / presence of load. We "protocol" your licensing in the shortest possible time.
Procedures 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6: Food, Cosmetics, Hygiene Products, Perfumes, Medicines, Sanitizers, In Vitro Diagnostics and Miscellaneous Products.

Unregulated Products

We have a trained and qualified team to provide advice and execution of the activities in order to obtain favourable opinion for the procedures related products established by RDC 81:

Import of unregulated products into ANVISA.
Temporary admission of registered products RDC 81/08, and / or not regularized as established by RDC 13/04.
Importation of reconditioned equipment, as established by RDC 25/01, and IN 1/1996.
Request for certified similarity with ABIMO, ABINEE or DECEX.

Counting with an integrated online system together with SISCOMEX, VICOMEX and DATVISA, for licencing situation consult, generating reports to the client and operators, providing greater agility in the load release and generating statistics about ANVISA.

Specialized Regulatory Affairs

Specialized in the norms submitted to the Sanitary Legislation and providing services to industries, importers, distributors, clinics and other companies with activities in the scope of Health.

Our goal is linked to the adequacy of the companies to the specific legislation in force, preparing them to act in the national or international market.
We offer advice on regulatory matters, for the segments of medicines, health / related products, sanitizers, household cleaning products, cosmetics, and food industry, related to the following activities:

Regularization of distributors and importers.
Operating licenses of large companies, EEPP and ME
CMVS registration.
Sanitary Engineering Project.
Sector of good practices.
Product registration industry.
We appoint professionals for technical representation.
We indicate companies for outsourcing of quality control laboratory.

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We are strictly adapted to the requirements of the main regulations governing the international transport of cargo, providing a efficient and agile service.