More than a pet, a member of the family.

We transport your best friend with the care he deserves.

Specialized in international transport of live animals.

"Carrying lives that are so precious and important to us requires much more than just professionalism and competence: it requires a great deal of sensitivity to fully devote ourselves to the welfare and comfort of the animal, providing transportation safety and a quiet and agile procedure to the owners. We work according to the standards and requests of each country particularities, ensuring that your pet's trip is in accordance to the requirements of the country of destination. "

Advice on transport of live animals.

Clipper knows how important and priceless the role of pet's are in our lives.

Therefore, we work with respect and professionalism to provide the best experience for you and your fellow pet, ensuring a safe and agile transportation, taking care of all the stages of the process.

Documentation and Certificates

Clipper provides all necessary documentation for the process to take place within the standards and requirements of the International Association of Live Animal Transport, both in import and export.


Calculation of commercialization taxes.
Pre authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture
CZI Certificate
Release with the consenting organs: city hall, Mapa and Ibama.
Qualification and release with the Federal Revenue system - Siscomex


Leave and release your pet
Certificate Issuance (CZI)
Release to the government organs: city hall, Mapa and Ibama.
DSE Manual
Temporary export

Laboratory Tests

We meet veterinarian related requirements to ensure the health and integrity of the animal:

- Laboratory tests.
- Veterinary certificate.
- Blood collection for serology / rabies testing.
- Vaccination card

Administrative and Advisory

Thinking of taking care of all the details involved in the process, Clipper provides advice in the documentary and international shipment process.

- We take care of your pet at the boarding place: food and monitoring.
- Booking with the airlines.
- Collection and delivery of the animal at home, as well as receiving and sending.
- Supply of transport box and accessories.
- Microchip implantation

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We are strictly adapted to the requirements of the main regulations governing the international transport of animals, providing safety, agility and promptness in our services.