Advice on obtaining Radar in the Federal Revenue.

For companies and people who wish to work in foreign trade.

Enablement in the system Radar/Siscomex: physical and legal person.

Radar Habilitation

Our professionals are experts in advising on the Radar Habilitation as provided in the current legislation, for the PHYSICAL, MEI, EXPRESSO, LIMITED and UNLIMITED modalities. We analyse the peculiarities of each client with a complete and specialized consulting, reducing deadlines with qualification in the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL.

Advice for RADAR/Siscomex Habilitation

Clipper International Transports Ltda. has been operating for 30 years in the area of customs clearance and international cargo transportation, and has an exclusive department to assist companies that require specialized advice to obtain the RADAR / SISCOMEX system.

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We are strictly adapted to the requirements of the customs regulations for the application and qualification in Radar / Siscomex according to the IRS.


· Evaluation to check if the company meets the necessary requirements for qualification in the desired modality.
· Analysis, verification and forwarding of all documents required for the desired modality in RADAR/Siscomex
· Preparation of the documents required by the Federal Revenue
· Guidance for registration of legal representatives in the RADAR system.

· Guidance for obtaining the e-CPF of the legal guardian (Digital Certificate);
· Orientation to obtain the e-Cac Mailbox Membership Certificate;
· Registration of the habilitation request with the Federal Revenue
· Follow up of the habilitation request with the Federal Revenue.


Express Mode (only for the Legal Entity that fits the conditions below): :

1. Legal entity constituted in the form of a public limited company of open capital, with shares traded on a stock exchange or over-the-counter market, as well as its wholly-owned subsidiaries;
2. Legal entity certified as Authorized Economic Operator;
3. Public company or mixed-capital company;
4. Organs of direct public administration, autarky and public foundation, autonomous public body, international body and other extraterritorial institutions;
5. Legal entity intending to carry out export operations, without limit of values, and of importation , whose sum of the amounts, in each consecutive period of six (6) months, is less than or equal to US $ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand American dollars);

Limited Mode
- Intended for legal entities that currently operate in foreign trade, with import and export operations up to USD 150 thousand for the consecutive period of 6 months;

Unlimited Mode (former Ordinary Radar):
- Intended for legal entities that currently operate in foreign trade, with import and export operations above USD150 thousand.


Procedure indicated for Legal Entity already Enabled in the Express / Limit Mode that wishes to change to Unlimited Mode.


The authorization will be granted to Individuals in case of importation for OWN CONSUMPTION, objects for personal collections, or for export to artisans, farmers and artists.

O que é habilitação no radar:

RADAR Habilitation is an authorization that allows access to SISCOMEX - "Integrated Foreign Trade System" of the Internal Revenue Service. It has the purpose of establishing a control procedure on the Legal and Individual entity, which operate in the Foreign Trade segment. In October 2012, the Internal Revenue Service changed the norms of habilitation on the radar. Currently the habilitation on the RADAR is regulated by the Normative Instruction n ° 1603 of 12/15/2015, and normalized through the Portaria COANA n ° 123 of 12/17/2015.