Our professional achievement is to overcome the logistical and bureaucratic challenges between you and your client!


Our mission is to deliver your cargo and documents in the required time and manner!


Tailored solution:

Clipper offers its clients a team specialized in customs clearance, following the most complex and strict criteria for understanding the decree 6.759/09 and other regulatory acts in the import and export of goods.


Fashion and Textiles Specialized Cells, New and Used Machinery, Automotive Industry, Aerospace-AOG and Catering; Products subject to Anvisa authorization and Map; Drawback; Ex tariff ; Pets and Tax Classification.

On importation, we carry out the specific analysis of each process, guiding in compliance with the customs clearance legislation, evaluating the possibility of cost reduction in the logistics operation.
Fully computerized, we assure assertiveness and agility in the elaboration of the documents through robots integrated to the Federal Revenue systems, as well as agility in the follow up with the public agencies and in the information, obtaining efficiency and agility in each stage of the process. 

On exportation, in addition to Customs Clearance, we add value by advising and providing all necessary documentation, such as: packing list, invoice, certificates, letter of credit, insurance, booking, Export Registration, exchange contract and shipment of Documents, among others, always in full agreement with the requirements of each country of destination or specific requirement of the buyer.
We work as an extension of the client and, together with our international transport area, we advise on the best logistics and possibilities of cost reduction in the operation.

Information Technology applied to Customs Clearance

Aiming for agility and assertiveness, especially in multiple items processes, we implemented interconnection and automatic conferencing systems, which assures the assertiveness of the operators in the P.O. checking and in the emission of LI's and DI's. We have Robots integrating us with the various systems like Decex, Mantra, Siscarga, Siscomex, Siscoserv, Insurers, among others that seek information with agility, avoiding typing and manual searching and providing automatic feed in real time about the situation of the processes in our Follow Up.

We are prepared to interconnect with our Clients, to receive and send the integration files and to issue an Electronic Invoice, enabling the client to have agility and total control of the issued notes. We use standard system integration layouts such as Average, present in the SAP versions and the City Hall layout, and we are able to adapt it to the customer's system.

We have tools and own team that allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each Client. With the application of information technology to the customs clearance, we reached the agility and assertiveness in the processes in ways previously unthinkable in Brazilian customs system. Nowadays, we are able to liberate airfreight in green channel within a few hours, always being among the best efficiency ratings of Gru Airport.

Our structure make us able to provide the latest information technology in real time via web:

Practical and efficient management control system.
Integration with customs systems and customers.
Modules of Import and Export.
Automatic reading and updating of the follow up.
Statistical reports.
Financial reports.
Development of reports and modules according to the client needs.

Satisfaction and Loyalty:

CLIPPER always sought to give support to its clients efficiently, respecting indicators, goals and deadlines, maintaining assertiveness above 98% related to common and atypical processes. We are always updating our knowledge and disseminating, through courses, seminars and newsletters to our clients, collaborators and partners. Our main goal is to always maintain our clients satisfaction and long term relationship.

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We are strictly adapted to the requirements of the main regulations that rule the international transportation and cargo handling, providing safety, agility and promptness in our services.